Monday, March 23, 2009

Smoque Chicago - ' the double meat method'

Smoque BBQ
3800 N Pulaski (2 blocks south of Irving Park Road)

This brah seconds Mazen's review(below) of an amazing grubbery, however it would be sacrilege to omit any mention of their sides, which on occasion steal the show. Don't blame Mazen for this oversight; as a connoisseur and long-time practitioner of the 'XL sandwich only' or 'double meat' method, Mazen often misses the opportunity to sample an establishment's peripheral offerings. Is he so entranced by the deliciousness of a beef? Pastrami tunnel-vision? Judge not-- a brah has to be true to himself and this is the path Mazen has chosen.

Back to the grub. Smoque cooks up some of the best beans I've ever had(with chunks of brisket mixed in), killer mac and cheese(don't let the portion size deter you), and a peach cobbler to end all cobblers. While sweets might register as an afterthought to a brah after jamming 2 pounds of delicious BBQ in his face, Smoque's small peach cobbler sets you up CORRECT for an afternoon of hard recovery on the couch.

Their proprietary BBQ sauce is really something special, a tangy vinegar-based nectar with just the right amount of kick to set that sandwich off. They always supply a small side of the sauce for sandwich dipping, because apparently these owners know exactly what a brah needs to properly get his grub on.

If this place delivered I would give it an A+ in the hangover category. But as leaving the house the morning after a night of hard socializing is not always a wise move, Pizza Hut still reigns in this realm.*

Also worthy of note is the bullshit tendency of this place to run out of meat items, often in descending order of deliciousness. Pulled pork always goes first, then sliced brisket, then St. Louis style ribs. If you've had that mouth-watering pulled pork on the brain all week, don't fuck around and go early enough to ensure you get the sandwich you deserve.

*Another of life's luxuries Mazen has not experienced in awhile. Currently blacklisted by the only Pizza Hut that delivers to his house due to repeatedly placing arrogant orders at 3AM and passing out before the booty arrives, Mazen is slightly sour about this status and it's best to leave this topic alone.


  1. I really enjoy emotional spectrum covered in this story. From the highs of double meat to the low of a pizza hut blacklist. Really covers the range of emotions associated with hard grubbin.

  2. Check Please! This is one fine review.