Monday, March 2, 2009

Sammy's Noodle Shop

Sammy's Noodle Shop
6th Ave bet 10th and 11th
W. Village/Manhattan/NYC

Sammy's Noodle Shop probably isn't breaking news to most of you here at Hard Grubbin. I know for a fact I've enjoyed a steaming bowl of noodle soup with most of you on here. But for the rest of the world that hasn't heard of Sammy's, do yourselves a favor, check this place out. Their noodle soups are top notch and still my favorite in the city (except for Pho Grand, but thats pho, a whole different grubbin situation). If you've ever felt the pain of a particularly heavy Saturday night (see Big Beers below), Sammy's is exactly what you need to bring you back to health for a productive day of TV watching.

Now, I tend to favor the Cantonese Wonton Soup with Roast Chicken and noodles. A huge bowl of wontons and noodles in broth with a pile of roast chicken on top. This soup is hard grubbin at its finest; I've seen many try to finish and come up short. The broth is salty and delicious and is well complemented with the hot chili oil. The Mandarin soups are also recommended. The Stewed Beef in Broth had a slightly sweet, barbecue flavor and the soup was loaded with what looked like a pound of beef. The shredded pork with pickled cabbage also came highly recommended from a fellow Hard Grubbin author.

I am well aware that there are thousands of noodle shops in NYC and I hope to one day try all of them. For now Sammy's satisfies three very important criteria: hard grubbin thats cheap and easy.

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  1. Damn that roasted chicken looks delicious. I one time had a noodle soup with a chicken head and feet in it. Lets hope Sammy's stays away from that recipe.