Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moving Day Grubbin

No time for a review. Just about to tear into this fish and chips
(sans chips, add onion rings). This brah only ate a bagel today. Moved
heavy stuff into Chateau De Kyle today. Must deliver this to face
immediately. 2 PBRs, one Tennessee Tea and more booze to follow.

HG Late-Nite Update:
Commiserating with pals after a long day of moving (i.e. your old roommates vs. your new roommates) is always in order. This brah found himself at the Model Cafe for such a celebration.

To Rob and I's delight, it happened to be a special occasion at the bar. Ken was celebrating a birthday, and Steve (Jinx Brothers) had prepared some BBQ that we summarily applied directly to the face. This dark, murky, and perhaps depressing photo below is of one of the most delectable sandwiches of this year.

Granted, there was some pops and Jager consumed before the sandwich, but this was not your usual, "I made some grub, g'wan and eat it" kind of fare. This was some next level grubbin, in a basic delivery device. Pulled pork, beef, and chicken all in one crock pot of succulent meat stuffs.

Fresh from a meal, not an hour ago, I was not shy to follow Rob over to this HG Paradise and grub down hard. Three of the most arguably delightful meats fought for dominance on a soft roll with sweet & tangy sauce. Cheers, Steve. Nice work.

Let it be stated on HG at this late hour, that Rob and I were not sheepish to force down a Round 2 consisting of 'whatever's in the white crock pot', 'the chili', and 'the cold bean salad'.

Sometimes, after a hard day, God smiles upon you with a surprising triple meat dessert.

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