Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cowgirl (NYC)

So when you're meeting up with friends from outta town for Sunday brunch, who does not want the food to match the jubilation of reconnecting with pals? Nobody. Mediocre brunch is just that, but a great brunch is much more. Unfortunately Hard Grubbers, I must report on just a mediocre one today at Cowgirl (519 Hudson St.-Manhattan). The service was good, but the product was only fair to middling. I had done a preemptive peek at the menu online the night before, and was excited to try this Texas style, West Village haunt. The sausage biscuit with gravy was the item that really caught my eye, and I knew I had to have it. The gravy turned out to be somewhat bland (Cholula helped), but the eggs were tasty. The portion was large and quite filling (no CPC here), but just that: practical, but uninspired. The screwdrivers were a little light on the soup, but the bloody marys were reportedly delicious. Overall it was just OK. Maybe it would be better to check it out under non-brunch settings, when they aren't pushing out hundreds of plates. It was quite busy by the time we were leaving around 1:15pm, with heavy family traffic. This was definitely a brunch I would've hoped to have grubbed just a little bit harder.

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