Monday, March 9, 2009

Covert Grubbin - CUNY library, 8:43pm

Libraries generally aren't big fans of grubbin', so sometimes a covert grub is the most satisfying. Sneaked in a giant chocolate raspberry tart from Zucker's and quickly washed/choked it all down with my current standby, a good ol' box of Zico. Made a really grand mess in my study console, then shortly followed up with a 10 minute nap after the sugar high wore off.
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  1. 'Secret Eating' is always a thing...

  2. "Rarely do we find men (AND WOMEN!) who willingly engage in hard, solid grubbin."

  3. I'm not sure this really qualifies as a solid grubbin entry (by the standards of either gender).
    Stay tuned for my Pizza Hut buffet experience.