Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paris in the spring time

I really meant to make a contribution quite some time ago; however, I wasn’t making it to any HG worthy dining spots. THUS, I decided to portray in these photographs, what I deem a very HG sort of event. As you will note in the picture, there are: two bottles of wine, cigarette butts, almonds, shoes, and the river Seine- major components of a boozebag afternoon in Paris. The lack of discrimination on open booze permits this sort of nonsense to occur on a daily basis starting any slightly warm day in spring. Picture us – three ladies- also being asked every five minutes for a « tire-bouchon » (wine opener) cause you know all them frenchies got exactly the same idea. In these photographs I have attempted to illustrate- 1) the scene I have described 2) a sign that demonstrates the current spirit of the moment/ poor attempt to appeal to English speaking tourists. I guess I should mention, after this all went down, we went to a friend’s and made hamburgers with sliced sautéed mushrooms- ketchup/ mustard/ no buns.


  1. booze bags unite! now we all know where... ;)

  2. nothin like a couple of boozebags jammin almonds.

  3. Nice move with the bunless burger, 'Frenched up' with some sautéed shrooms. Total boozebag Hard Grubbin move.