Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hard Grubbin- My Favorite Sandwich

Bari Foods
1120 W. Grand Ave
Chicago, IL

So I'm sure everyone that contributes to and reads this site can name one sandwich that really brightens their day.  All of us can agree that the sandwich is a hard grubbin mainstay, as it permits a combination of imagination and creativity all in a tasty package.  In this series, we spotlight what we simply call "my favorite sandwich."  It could be something you made, or something you bought, just let us know.  In this entry I introduce you to my favorite sandwich, the Bari meatball sub.  
Bari is an Italian deli/grocery in the River West neighborhood of Chicago.   The first time I went in there, I walked to the back and heard the guy working behind the counter lecturing a customer on how to make the perfect meatball.  I only caught the tail end of the presentation, but from what I gathered, it involves a precise combination of veal, pork and beef.  Only with the right percentage of each of these ingredients will the meatball be the right texture and taste.  My sandwich is quite simple, meatballs, provolone and green olives.  I once had it with their self-proclaimed famous giardinera, but I would suggest you just stick with the green olives.  My dutch buddy Bas enjoys his meatball with gorgonzola cheese on it, a request that triggered an argument between Bas and the dude workin behind the counter.  Apparently this guy could not understand why anybody would put gorgonzola on a meatball sub, but according to Bas, its delicious.  Being a deli, you can really add whatever you like to your meatball sub.  Although this post is about the meatball, I must let you know that the Italian sub at Bari is the best I have had in the city, so if you are looking for lighter fare, that would be my suggestion.  A word of caution, this place is no hidden treasure, it seems everyone knows about it.  On a saturday afternoon you could end up waiting 30 min for a sub, so I would suggest calling ahead, and your order will be ready when you get there.

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