Thursday, March 12, 2009

Roll N Roaster

Roll N Roaster
2901 Emmons Ave
Sheepshead Bay/Brooklyn/NYC

One thing I constantly miss about Boston is the amazing roast beef sandwiches. Nothing better than a Saturday afternoon spent grubbin on Mike's Roast Beef in Charlestown; taking down a huge roast beef sandwich with cheese and bbq sauce with a side of waffle fries and nacho cheese dip. Knowing how much I enjoy these sandwiches you can probably imagine my excitement when I discovered Roll and Roaster in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

Roll and Roasters is this old school drive-in fast food restaurant that’s been a Sheepshead Bay landmark since the '60s. Its decor and location by the bay reminds me of the original Kelly's Roast Beef in Revere, MA, but without the charm of the hovering heroin junkies Revere Beach has to offer. Their specialty is the roast beef sandwich but I’ve heard their chicken sandwiches are pretty solid as well. I swung by the RnR this week with an intense hunger and ordered the meal you see pictured. An overindulgent meal designed to satisfy your fiercest apetite.

The recommended meal includes two rare roast beef sandwiches double dipped with cheese and an order of cheese fries. The double dipped sandwich consists of warm rare roast beef piled on a soft bun that has had both sides dipped in gravy. The beef is topped with cheese whiz creating that magical combination of gravy and cheese that soaks into the bread and mixes with the natural juices of the roast beef. Absolutely delicious. The sandwich is so soft and juicy that it requires little energy to chew, allowing you to save up the strength necessary to digest this enormous meal. The cheese fries are oval cuts reminiscent of the tiny pockets of mashed potatoes you all know I adore. They’re topped with a generous amount of cheese whiz that really takes them to the next level. I’ve enjoyed their onion rings on several occasions and also never disappoint.

Unfortunately for us Hard Grubbers, RnR’s prices and portions are meant for your normal grubbin crowd. Roast beef sandwiches are $5 with cheese fries around $3. Such a meal may meet health guidelines on normal caloric intakes but hardly satisfies your hard grubbin pal. I, as well as other patrons, generally order two sandwiches and a side which ends up costing $13 or $14. Pricy, but well worth it when you consider the cost of failing to fully satisfy your need for delicious roast beef.

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  1. This brah recently ate two hot dogs and one sausage and pepper from a vendor at the Swingin' Utters show last week. This sounds like you have gotten more bang for your respective grubbin buck.