Thursday, August 4, 2011

HG Photoessays: Hail to the Beef

While you've been worrying about Casey Anthony and watching South Park reruns, Barack Obama has been busy leaving a monumental legacy of hard grubbin as Commander-in-chief. When this brah has serious policies to administer, he prepares by rolling up his sleeves and having a serious grubbin session. We at HG are in awe of the voracity with which the President is devouring his daily duties as leader of the free world. Regardless of whether you're in agreement with his politics, there's no denying this brah knows what's up when it comes to showing a sandwich who's boss.


The Presidency requires one to face difficult decisions. Fancy luncheon? White tablecloths? When a brah's hungry, instincts are key.

Barack has adopted the admirable position of ignoring the invasive press and grubbing unabashedly, even in seas of a thousand camera flashes. This palpable authenticity has made him a hero in hard grubbin communities at all socioeconomic levels.

Look at that form, he's playing that shit like a flute. This brah can make a sandwich sing.

A hidden camera catches Barack in the zone. For the haters that think it's all a show for the media.

Michelle Obama looks on in speechless admiration. Barack cites a reliable support system as key in his sustained ability to destroy any meal he encounters on the road.

Look at this champ, grubbing all alone. Showing true dedication, elimination of any and all distractions.

Even Sharpton, reknowned in certain circles for his own grubbing prowess, is caught off guard by his companion's passion.

Nuff said.