Saturday, March 7, 2009

Late Night Hard Grubbin-Chicago Edition

Village Pizza
Corner of Chicago and Western

I was planning to post on this place in the future, but when I noticed the new series on late night hard grubbin I figured this would be the perfect forum.  Let me first say, as this post is about pizza, a late night hard grubbin staple, do not let this deter others from posting about pizza in other cities, as many of you know I am quite fond of the NYC late night cheese slice.  
So let me get to Village Pizza.  First, you will notice that the photo above is lifted from another site, as usually when you wander into Village Pizza you are in no state to be snappin pictures.  Village Pizza after a late night is truly amazing.  First, the experience.  Like mentioned below, any late night hard grubbin place is jam packed with assholes, and this place is no exception.  Take for example last night, when I happened to wander into Village at about 2 in the morning.  Behind me walked in this dude that screamed at the top of his lungs "PIZZA MOTHERFUCKERS!!"  Then he saw his buddy, who was already jammin a slice, and screamed at him "YEAAAAHHHHH PIZZZZZAAAAA!!!, HEY BITCH, YOU NEED ANOTHER SLICE?!?"  These kinds of interactions are par for the course at Village.  In addition to the asshole, you will always see the absolutely destroyed hipster sitting by himself in the corner eating an enormous piece of pizza with the concentration and dedication of a brain surgeon.  Very frequently you will see cops enjoying a slice here, which may cause some undue stress to the late night HG fanatic.  For example one night I was in there with a buddy who was not even drinking, but would not drive away from Village until the cops left.  This was because he was certain he would be pulled over immediately because he believed that any cop that sees a car pull away from Village is a certain DUI.  
Anyways, the food.  Its great for what you are looking for.  The pizza is great, delicious sauce that tastes a combination of sweet and savory.  But be warned, it is not as good as what you may find at a late night place in NY, but at 3 am when you are wasted, for 4 bucks, who cares? The slices are huge, and you may look at one and and wonder if it is possible to finish it, but yes you can.  Each slice comes with "free soda" which is a 6 oz cup of fountain soda.  This HG reporter suggests you just leave the soda, and have a big glass of water with your slice, you are going to need it.  In addition to the pizza, the menu has a large variety of fantastic sandwiches including the classic meatball, italian beef, and if you are feeling really adventurous, the combo italian beef and sausage dipped, with hot peppers.  Although Village does not offer much in terms of creativity, as does the deli sandwich or the crepe, I'm sure you can find something that will satisfy that late night hunger.  HG highly recommends.

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  1. Free soda? I'm in.

    I appreciate the cautionary tales as of late referencing the late night asshole population. Luckily, dear readers, this is par for the course, and most of the HG contributors are seasoned veterans in these situations.

    Never fear the "Yeah Motherfucker" motherfuckers when jamming wedge. Just keep your wits about you, and concentrate on the Hard Grubbin.