Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hard Grubbin international- Robert et Louise, Le Marais, 64 rue Vieille du Temple

I decided to visit this place due to a recommendation from Clay's boy Anthony Bourdain who came here in the first episode of his Hard Grubbin-sponsored television program. This is a totally unassuming place on a really crowded street in a nice area of Paris. It is tiny, with only about 6 tables, and two dudes cooking in the back. The menu conforms to the ideals set by Hard Grubbin, all meat and meat related dishes. They had a lunch special which included blood sausage and some sides, but we decided to have the steaks, a fillet of beef and a ribeye, with a side of roasted potatoes and salad. The steaks were absolutely delicious. They are cooked in a real old school lookin fireplace (see photo). Sprinkle on a little coursely ground sea salt, and you are all set. Finished off with a nice coffee, and it was a great lunch. Clay's boy really hit the mark with this one, highly recommended for any Hard Grubbin fan who finds themself in Paris.


  1. that steak looks awesome. Is this for two people? That steak in the middle is huge and the person on the right already has a FULL steak.

    Paris really is the city of for hard grubbin.

  2. You got this brah drooling on his iPhone on the way back from work.