Friday, February 27, 2009

Amy Ruth's

Amy Ruth's
W 116th and Malcolm X Blvd

If you're anything like me you've probably found yourself wandering the streets thinking to yourself, "what am I gonna do about chicken?" It's a frustrating mindset that can drive you insane. I found myself in that state of mind earlier today so I decided to swing by Amy Ruth's on W. 116th in Harlem. Amy Ruth's is one of those popular Harlem soul food places all the critics write about and all the celebrities visit. There's even a picture of George Bush posing with the chef. I have to say when I first walked in I was highly skeptical. Seemed very touristy.

When we ordered our chicken the waitress informed us the chicken comes either as a thigh and leg or breast and wing. This immediately sent fear into my hard grubbin heart, believing there wasn't going to be nearly enough chicken. Luckily, when the dish came out, all my doubts and fears were put to rest. This chicken was GOOD. The skin was light and crispy with a delicious flavor. The chicken was moist and wonderful. The piece itself was huge and easily enough food for your hard grubbin pal. The collard greens had an interesting sweet flavor to them but doused in hot sauce, they too were delicious. Mac and cheese tasted great while the steamed okra was highly satisfying. All in all a very tasty experience. I look forward to trying more of the unknown soul food spots in Harlem but for the first time ever, HG agrees with the critics...and George Bush. I'd like to return and try some of the other menu items like the barbecue chicken or the country chicken and dumplings. It'll be hard not to just re-order the fried chicken.

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