Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hard Grubbin. Big Fish.

Fried haddock fish and chips from Zuzu (Special)

Niani recommended I go for the mixed vegetables along with the chips. I hear tell that this is just the regualar fried chicken batter at Zuzu. Chips were best out of that kitchen that I've had in a while. The whitefish was light and fresh. I added some salt (a bad habit, I know) and lemon
for the whole traditional meal. This was my work meal, but believe me, I had a Stella Artois and a Knob Creek neat soon after, as a digestif.

I had a long commiseration about how delicious this meal was with a kind Zuzu waitress.

I danced well into the evening at SOLID! with Flave, Jessica, Chrissy, Rob, and Mike until I decided to turn my attention to the ladies (and Red Bull vodkas).

Will "Hard Grubbin'" be the new 'Hanger That?'
Well, this meal and my night gets an overwhelming 'H-G'.


  1. This looks solid. Zuzu food is definitely a hard grubbin favorite. I never eat there enough.

  2. Is this the 'customer fish' or the 'staff fish'?

  3. They treated me like a customer, but a pal 'felt' like staff.