Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hard Grubbin at Phoenix Landing ( pre-show, post work )

When a pal is going to see his boys play a show, a brah has to grub
down to prevent later situations (see The Adventures of Skip.) A brah
is well aware of the calories one should consume before a night of
beers and Friendship.

Tired of my usual fare, I went to hang with my Irish pals at The
Phoenix Landing in Central Square, Cambridge MA, USA.

A last minute decision, post ordering, I sent fair Molly to the back
to get this gravy boat filled with curry for my 'chips.' This is
always recommended at Hard Grubbin if you are in an Irish pub.

Sadly, this was the best part of my pre-beer grub fest. "What's that
wrapped in a picnic gingham wax paper?" you ask.

Well, true believers, I had ordered a buffalo chicken 'Warrior
Sandwich.' It looked great on the menu, with it's promise of it's blue
cheese and fresh bun. This was a clever deception, as this chicken was
fried so hard I nearly cut my mouth on it.

The worst part if this sandwich was that it was the consistency of a
dog chew toy. I felt like I was trying to get the ball out of this
red, hard, rubber ball.

I give this meal a Sad Batman.

Off to see Zim, Paul, Dennis, Danny, Damien ('Oh Hey Skip'), and the
unflappable Christian Brat back at the Middle East. I had best avoid
the Jägermëister this evening, or there will be chew toy all over the
floor. And that will be 'nasty!'

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