Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Aww, my Peeps. Lookin' all sorts of peaceful among your brethren. You know I wish I could leave you out to 'stale up' for an ill minute, like Pops does.

I'll be darned if my cousin Cam doesn't have a whole other sinister plan up his sleeve. All just waiting to jam one of you right into his grill.

The rest of the Peeps bleakly saw a similar fate.

All I have left from this Easter in NH is this $19.99 handle of sour mash (should last the week) and the assortment of candy you see here.

Any local pals are welcome to grub hard on this stuff, but you MUST stay away from anything 'SG'

What's 'SG?' you may find yourself asking?

SG is the abbreviation for Sour Gummy, the most hard of all the Gummy grubbin varieties.

'SG' in my house is all mine, soooooo, "Hands Off!"


  1. Pops is right. I only like Peeps when they 'stale up' pretty hard to the consistency of the marshmallows in Lucky Charms.

    Nice photos! I see JB isn't letting it get too wholesome in here.

  2. Yeah, I know all I know about hard grubbin and boozin from Pops.

    JB is always finding his way into my pics to be all like a friendly reminder, "Hey I'm here, what YOU gonna do?"