Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We've all been in that situation.

A brah is ready to get his grub on. Hunger is starting to cloud his judgement, making everything in sight look delicious, not unlike old Looney Tunes cartoons where everything Bugs Bunny sees is made of sausages. The convenience of eating what's quickest and within reach eclipses all other factors......and so the fall begins.

Common sense is an essential resource in the world of hard grubbin, and must never be thrown to the wayside in the event of a hunger attack or super-saturation in alcohol.

Take the scene below:On first impression, you're likely eyeing that BBQ and envisioning nothing but sinking your chops into that tender meat, huh? Not so fast, brah. A more thorough examination of the 'grub' and its surroundings reveals a more sinister scenario.

The sad reality is this meal was a poor, poor call, and likely could have been avoided by employing a basic checklist. Are other customers present, much less lining up? Uh-oh. Is the environment at least semi-sanitary? Ummm. Was the establishment's employee even awake before your arrival? Holy shit.

Common sense, brah. Use it.


  1. What's goin' on with a brah's apron?

    Also, did this guy say something to the effect of, 'Sorry, I don't have any change'?

  2. Mazen and I could have used this checklist awhile back when, as we were dining in a highly suspect sandwich shop, a pigeon walked across the restaurant.

  3. "All it takes to succeed in this business, is good ingredients, and cheap rent."